Pink Iris

17 April 2019

You, our customers, have demanded a floral, and for years I’ve had a very clear idea of the classic floral we wanted to create – the olfactory equivalent of a timeless trench. Iris the star, because of the beauty of its profile and reputation as one of the most noble fragrance ingredients, as well as its unisex earthiness.

However… modern natural florals is a category that really just doesn’t exist. In creating Pink Iris, we were heading into unchartered territory. By nature, natural florals tend to smell old fashioned. Real rose, jasmine and iris (rarely seen in modern perfumery) are closer to your grandmother in a bathrobe, than my vision of our modern muse in a classic trench!

Pink Iris was a challenge, and at times pushed Isaac and my (normally very harmonious) working relationship to the limits! It’s true that after the original concept phase nearly two years ago we had give Pink Iris several months of breathing space following a very heated 48hrs in the lab in Paris. Isaac declaring my vision for the fragrance idealistic and impossible!!

But here we are, many months and many hundreds of trials later, launching this modern classic floral to the world – only more gratifying because we remember the challenge it was to create.

Softly sensual and yet bursting with freshness. Svelte and feminine on women and all powdery earthiness on men (it’s already a favourite of my husband Dave).

It won’t be for everyone, but for those that love it, I hope Pink Iris brings you pleasure each and every day,

Frances x