We know the term “biotech” can sound like scientific jargon, and as a result feel so far removed from the term “natural fragrance”. As a brand that claims all of their ingredients are natural, we feel it’s important for us to illustrate the biotech process clearly — so you can rest assured your Abel fragrance is as natural as we promise it to be.

Biotech ingredients are fragrance notes produced using living organisms (plant sugars, bacteria, fungi and yeasts) in a laboratory setting, using a fermentation process. Another example of this process is adding yeasts to grapes, to ferment into wine.

the biotech process, simplified —

benefits of biotech ingredients —

Increased fragrance longevity

Biotech gives us access to long-lasting molecules with a more precise scent profile, resulting in a longer lasting fragrance overall.

Completely renewable and biodegradable

Synthetic ingredients created from petrochemicals often do not biodegrade. They can accumulate in our food chain, waterways and even build up in the human body. Biotech ingredients sourced from nature DO biodegrade — because they come from nature, they can easily return to nature.

scaleable in a sustainable way —

Rather than pillaging the planets resources as if they were never-ending, the supply chain can remain small and controlled. Multiplying ingredients in a laboratory means less are taken directly from nature, allowing the ecosystem to thrive without disruption.

more consistency between batches —

When using ingredients sourced completely from nature, it’s nearly impossible to ensure each batch of fragrance is entirely the same. For example yearly weather events can change the scent of an ingredient drastically, making one batch of fragrance smell slightly different another. While we embrace this, a more consistent fragrance across the board can be achieved using biotech ingredients.

biotech in Laundry Day —

We use a few biotech ingredients in our new Laundry Day fragrance, resulting in a longer-lasting, clearer profile due to the greater level of control over the origin and development of the ingredients.

— A biotech aldehyde is the key figure behind the fresh laundry scent. Aldehydes originate from naturally occurring alcoholic components of many fruits, vegetables, nuts or spices.

— A plant-derived biotech molecule known as "leaf alcohol" is behind the freshly cut grass scent.

— And the passionfruit notes are from an upcycled molecule extracted from the skins of passionfruit.