Fragrance can serve different needs and purposes across the day. We asked the Abel team to share their scent rituals with us.

Cath - Marketing Manager

I always start the day with a spritz of Green Cedar Eau de Parfum – it’s absolutely a part of my routine when getting ready for work. On my desk I have both White Vetiver and Golden Neroli in our Extrait format – the therapeutic values of ‘energy’ and ‘balance’ are great to call on for a little quiet scenting moment in a hectic day.

Frances - CEO/Founder

I’ve been mixing and matching (layering!) our fragrances for several years now depending on the mood, time of day and season. The Parfum Extrait line has just expanded that for me big time. A spray of Green Cedar or Cyan Nori Eau de Parfum as part of my morning routine really sets the scene for the day. But it’s during the day that the Parfum Extrait comes alive for me. I find taking a moment to dab, inhale and reset with our Extrait really does help me manage my mood (much better than reaching for a snack!). White Vetiver Extrait for energy before heading to yoga, Cobalt Amber Extrait mid-afternoon for a touch of comfort. I’ve even been applying Pink Iris Extrait on my wrists before going to bed for a very peaceful evening ritual.

Bonnie - Customer Service

I am absolutely not a morning person, so I need quite a gentle scent to start my day with. Nurture Eau de Parfum is my go-to Abel scent for its calming, comforting qualities – I like to spray it in my hair to release gentle little clouds of scent when I move about my day! I always carry a little Golden Neroli Extrait in my pocket or handbag (such a handy size!) and find it such a treat to take a moment for myself and dab it on my wrists. I juggle quite a few different jobs and projects, and Golden Neroli really centres me throughout the day and allows me to find a sense of balance amidst it all.