Extracted by steam distillation from the white orange blossom flowers, neroli is pure, rare and exquisite. Honeyed and rich, but not sweet. Its captivating scent is showcased in a bouquet of white florals, soft bitter orange and warm woods in our fragrance golden neroli.

We talk about the extraordinary scent profile of neroli, but equally exceptional is its medicinal and healing properties. Its ability to lower inflammation & pain, decrease blood pressure & cortisol levels, boost your skin cell regeneration, and lastly, reduce stress and other symptoms associated with hormonal changes in women.

I fell in love with golden neroli while Isaac and I were still developing the fragrance and I was pregnant with my son. I wore it every day of my pregnancy and found it brought me a lot of peace and tranquility in a time when my hormones were prone to oscillate! It’s been so gratifying to see other pregnant women respond in the same way to the nurturing properties of this delicious oil. 

– Frances