“...we will never put longevity at the expense of the environment.”

One of the questions we often get asked is whether natural perfume will last as long as a conventional perfume on your skin or in the bottle. At Abel, we make our 100% natural perfume without preservatives or fixatives which means they won’t last forever. Instead, these beautiful natural concoctions are alive, will constantly evolve – both on your skin throughout the day and in the bottle (like a fine wine). Read more about why we love natural perfume and why we avoid synthetic ingredients here.

Above all, we will never put longevity at the expense of the environment. Often the ingredients in a ‘conventional’ perfume that ‘fix it to your skin and make it last longer’, are the same ingredients that don’t biodegrade in our ecosystem. Read more about non-biodegradable musk fixatives here

Our perfume lasts as long as it should, based on the natural ingredients we use to create the fragrance. For example, Golden Neroli is our shortest lasting fragrance because it is full of effervescent, fleeting, ingredients that dissipate quickly. In contrast, Grey Labdanum and Pink Iris are full of heavier compounds, rich and heavy florals and dark resins that last a long time on your skin. Pure labdanum essential oil on a paper blotter will stay fragrant for many months. 

We also use the latest in natural science – plant-derived single molecules that by nature, last longer on your skin and are whole essential oils. Our master perfumer Isaac Sinclair does hundreds of trials before we are convinced we have a perfume that is harmonious, balanced and long (enough) lasting.

After years of wearing synthetic fragrance, transitioning to a 100% natural perfume can take time to adjust. Natural perfume is a more intimate and dynamic way of scenting. But be warned, once you go natural, you’ll never go back. It’s like tasting fresh orange juice after only being exposed to flavoured drinks! 

“Switching to a 100% natural perfume after years of wearing synthetic fragrance can take a little adjustment to this more intimate, dynamic way of scenting.”

If you want your perfume to last as long as possible, there are three things you can do to increase longevity:

Moisturise your skin first. Dry skin will absorb the perfume oils more quickly.

Apply perfume to hair and/or clothing to ensure the fragrance lasts longer.

Layer with a longer-lasting scent to enjoy longer. Our favourite combination is Green Cedar on the skin, where it radiates with forest goodness and Pink Iris on your hair where the garden loveliness will last all day. Read more about layering here. 

 However, applying perfume to your pulse points is still one of our favourite ways to wear fragrance. Your pulse points (i.e. behind your ears, or your wrists) are where the blood is closest to the skin. The warmth of the blood helps release the aroma compounds. 

To get the longest shelf life out of your fragrance we recommend storing your perfume in a cool dark place without temperature fluctuations or humidity. So, not in direct sunlight or in your bathroom! Our final tip – never ‘save’ your final drop, a small amount of perfume in the bottom of an otherwise empty bottle will oxidize (age) quickly.

Inhale deeply, appreciate, and above all… enjoy!