in conversation – with Sarah Lindsay

09 February 2022

Yoga studio owner and facilitator, Sarah Lindsay, is the balanced brains behind urban wellness centre, SALA. Born from Sarah’s desire to create impactful health experiences, the studio combines exquisite minimalist design with mindful initiatives to build a connected community, a space where health and self can be found. We were honoured when Sarah selected Green Cedar as the scent of SALA and wanted to find out more about what inspires her.

Tell us about yourself.

Hello, I’m Sarah Lindsay. Yoga facilitator, studio owner and mother to baby O. Originally from London, I’ve been living in Auckland for four years with my husband, Joshua. After a rocky initiation period (do they say it takes two years to integrate into a new country?), I can finally call myself a happy local. I love living in New Zealand. I love the long summers, the open spaces and the focus on family balance which feels refreshing after the hustle of home. 

What is inspiring you at the moment?

The concept of life as ceremony and how to infuse the everyday mundane with the sacred. I’ve been focusing on my rituals as touchstones of sacredness throughout the day. Of course they have to be short (mum life), but it doesn’t make them any less powerful. From picking the mint from the garden for my tea, to rearranging a small shelf in the house, I’m always asking myself – ‘how can I pour myself fully into this activity?’

What drew you to Green Cedar as the scent of SALA?

I wanted something which reflected the introspective, earthy feelings of SALA. I love that Green Cedar is a gender-neutral scent that alters slightly from body to body. It is your own.

What does wellness mean to you?

Curiosity. The ability to add layers, to change, pivot and grow in mind and body. To say – ‘I’m sorry I was coming from a less informed place then, and now I know more.’

“I'm sorry I was coming from a less informed place then, and now I know more.”

Any intentions for this year?

I don’t set goal-orientated intentions, rather ideas that flow into the river of my life. I aim to live with a more focused and present mind, so anything that leads me to spending less time online and taking film photography.