Since that enlightening moment, my husband hasn’t missed a day of swimming (or a cold shower if no water is nearby) the whole time. I myself search for moderation a little more , and after six months without missing a day, I have settled into a (comfortable?) routine of 3-4 swims per week

As we’ve explored more into this practice, we’ve come to discover the valuable science in why this ritual brings us so much nourishment. Studies show the increased negative ions in sea air provide more oxygen, meaning a sea breeze can literally be treating seasonal affective disorder symptoms.

"The smell of the ocean breeze has been credited with contributing to a calmer state of mind."

If just being by the sea can improve your well-being, it’s not hard to believe how much the benefits amplify when you actually get in the water. I often feel a deep sense of calm when I’m in the water, I’m sure my body intuitively knows the salt water is brimming with rudiments that help create the earth’s natural antibiotics and antibacterial properties.

But perhaps the most rewarding outcome that has motivated this lifelong ritual however is the impact on mental well-being. For me personally, moving into the water, even cold water on an already cold day, makes me feel empowered – if I can do this, I can do anything. I just need to breathe.  As I’ve researched, I’ve since learnt how adrenaline is released to keep your muscles active and your senses alert when you’re cold. The cold water is actively sharpening your mind.

While this may read as a love letter to the cold watery expanse, it’s really the scent Cyan Nori in our core collection that is my true ode to the ocean. Perhaps it was because I was so desperate to capture the power, beauty and healing of the ocean in a fragrance that Cyan Nori is our worldwide best seller.