Last weekend the Abel community hit the shores of our local beach on Wellington’s South Coast to clean up rubbish, micro plastics and other debris that could be found. 

After just a couple of hours, we’d collected 53.4KG of rubbish, a giant pile from just one small stretch of coast. Notable items included a gumboot, a “jandal” (flipflop), a golf glove, some “lingerie”, and so many tiny pieces of plastic and polystyrene we wanted to cry. 

Cyan Nori was inspired by the ocean expanse and the role we have as brands and consumers to protect her. Getting out and giving back to our ocean muse proved a wonderful way to finish 2020. In fact we all enjoyed it so much, we’ve pledged to get back out there soon.  

A big thanks to all those who joined…. ‘til next time!