In a global perfume market in which florals are the biggest category, not having a floral in our collection was a risk. It's been over four years since the launch of Pink Iris, a fragrance that was a true creative collaboration between our founder Frances and our Master perfumer Isaac Sinclair, and one that took over two years to perfect.

Abel founder Frances Shoemack shares, “Our customers had been demanding a floral for years and I had a very clear idea of the classic floral we wanted to create - the olfactory equivalent of a timeless trench. But because no one is creating modern, natural florals, we had no point of reference and at times it felt impossible.”

Grown and harvested in France, the rare ‘iris butter’ used in Pink Iris is produced from the roots of the Iris plant and cut and dried over a very labour intensive five-year period. The resulting oil is as earthy and grounded (Iris is famed as a meditation aid) as it is powdery. This unique combination makes it the ultimate unisex floral and the perfect hero of the brand's first true floral scent.

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“Lily of The Valley blooming in nature, languid summer afternoons, swimming, the sunrise, warmth stroking the body, a mirage on the ocean…these are some things that come to mind when you spray the Abel Pink Iris fragrance.”

“Abel‘s “Pink Iris” scent will transport you to languid summer afternoons with your lover. Think morning sunrises, ocean water and pink salt in the sands of time. These things will come to mind when you spray the perfume on your body.”

“I love floral scents with spice! Sweet and floral with undertones of pepper and basil, this delightful perfume lingers long through the day – Transporting me to blooming gardens of flowers and herbs! I love how long the scent lingers on my skin throughout the day.”


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