in conversation - with Zora Auguste’s ​​Nella Beljan

22 November 2022

Nella Beljan is the founder of the Berlin-based showroom and gallery Zora Auguste. It’s a carefully curated space where Nella assembles the very best in design, art and other curiosities. Her eye for beautiful things comes from years working in cultural journalism – a career path that organically evolved to a significant social following and an enviable amount of clout in the German design scene.

Nella chose Green Cedar as the scent for her most recent Edition at Zora Auguste, a considered decision to add fragrance to the sensory experiences she aims to create in her spaces. We wanted to find out more about how Nella designs her worlds and how she selects what to showcase. 

Tell us about yourself.

I used to work as a cultural journalist covering art and design. As a result, my colleagues would often ask me where to find beautiful earrings, where the best restaurants were, which exhibitions to visit, and so on. The natural next step was to start a blog and Instagram account to share things I really liked. After some experience, I could see that there were people out there who enjoyed where I saw beauty — in places, moments, objects, interiors, art and fashion.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

Everything is inspirational I think. The light, the beauty of everyday moments, the wonderful people I meet, especially when they handle situations with grace, kindness and confidence

What drew you to Green Cedar as the scent of Zora Auguste?

I love the concept of connecting a scent with a space. Within my Editions, I want to include all senses, I want to create a feeling, and so often feelings are connected with fragrances.
Whenever I wore Green Cedar people would ask me what scent I was wearing – that’s how I knew it was the one for Zora Auguste.

What is your curation philosophy?

I like clean and minimal surfaces but love to add edgier, raw or odd pieces – to add to the beauty. I curate pieces you wouldn’t necessarily find in Germany and am particularly drawn to sculptural shapes. Philosophically, I have this inner confidence and trust that everything will align. All pieces I choose to correspond with each other. As soon as you enter my spaces, you will sense this.

“I have this inner confidence and trust that everything will align.”

What defines a creative space to you?

I want my spaces to speak to all senses. Once you come in, you should feel comfortable, you should feel invited and inspired, both visually with your eyes but also deeper inside yourself.  

What are some intentions for the year ahead?

I don’t really have intentions. I just want to live a good life, I think. I also appreciate it when others just try to make the best out of their lives without the obligation to consider life as a challenge or some kind of Olympic Games. Just live for yourself and your surroundings.