in conversation — Desirée Pais

20 September 2023

Desirée Pais is the founder of Benshen, an online community, course and an intimate container for women looking to tap into their personal power and create space for inspiration through a daily practice grounded in Kundalini meditation and weekly workshops. Here, Desirée shares what she’s inspired by and what her daily practice looks like.

I am from —

Technically Atlantis, but more accurately, Baltimore, Maryland 

I create —

Ways for people to learn about themselves, uncover their stories, and create new ones to step into their power and unlock their potential.

I am inspired by —

The list is so long… I love the leaders of the New Thought Movement of the early 20th century: Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy. I find inspiration everywhere: from the music industry to athletes to CEO’s to artists… anyone turning thought to thing and embodying patience, perseverance, persistence inspires me constantly. The list goes on and on…

Every day I —

am curious of learning how to break habits that don’t serve my vision, set boundaries to respect and value myself and my time, and passionately search for new ways to bring our incredible community together, whether virtually or in-person.

I take care of myself by—

My new thing is going to bed by 10pm. I am such a night owl and sleep has not always been my friend. But lately I have been wanting to up my self-care and instead of driving myself wild trying to add in a million supplements and overhaul my life, I decided to focus on the basics, starting with 8-9 hrs of sleep a night. It’s working wonders… I also start my day with meditation. Kundalini yoga + meditation is my personal practice and has been since 2014. Having a daily practice of any sort is so important - I really believe it has given me strength, energy and personal power in ways I couldn’t imagine and supports me immensely as I move through this thing called life. It also gives me the foundation to keep my head on my shoulders and believe in myself as a I run a business, show up as a friend, daughter, sister, partner, mentor … time, space and grace.

I look forward to —

Our New York Immersion in September and Paris Immersion in December. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and has a very rich history and connection to Mary Magdalene. It holds very old, ancient energy there of the Divine Feminine.

words I love —

Success is liking yourself,

liking what you do,

and liking how you do it.

Maya Angelou

My favourite Abel scent —

Black Anise … it’s so sexy and powerful and also very grounding at the same time. I’m a Scorpio - it feels like this scent was made for us deep water signs.